Golfted® was founded by Ted Bakker, hence the name GolfTED. Just for fun, he once brought 4 electric golf trolleys from China. That was in December 2016. He sold three to golf buddies and one he kept to try out himself. After many months of testing on various golf courses, including Spain and Normandy, the trolley still performed very well. No problems and only compliments from golfers on the beautiful trolley. After that he ordered more due to high demand and that's how GolfTed® was born. Due to medical reasons, Ted left his business in 2021 and GolfTed will be continued by Global Golf Solutions. Different owner, but same service, quality and personal attention!

Directly from the importer, without intermediate trade and directly to the customer. And that is reflected in the price. GolfTed is a webshop and has no shop.


Of course you can come by for a demonstration, but we only do this by appointment. We are very flexible, because that is also possible in the evening or at the weekend. As with all electric means of transport, things sometimes break down. We have assembled and disassembled trolleys ourselves and have many extra parts in stock. Up to now everything can be repaired and often in a very short time. That is a certain service that we stand for. You should not think about losing the trolley for two weeks because the part is not in stock. In case of problems, we will immediately send a dispatch bill to send the trolley, or part of it. We work with DPD as a carrier. If it is within the warranty, it is even free. We will repair immediately upon receipt. Usually the same day or the day after and return it immediately.


I should have done that much earlier, we have heard many times before! With a GolfTed it is just a walk and it takes no strength at all. This way you have more energy for the golf game. Just delicious. Everyone, from young to old, is switching to an electric bicycle. So why not on an electric golf trolley. It's much less tiring, gets through the track faster and your handicap goes down. Also good for your social contacts, because with a GolfTed you will be addressed by many other golfers who complement you with your beautiful trolley. So do it!