Problems with the remote control:

Trolley just stops.

There is a security on the trolley if you control it with the remote control. If the trolley does not receive a command (left, right, forward or backward) for 40 seconds, the trolley will stop automatically.

If you lose contact because the batteries are empty or the remote control puts in the pocket and a fold presses a button, the trolley can start driving. If you have difficulty walking and you can no longer overtake the trolley, it will stop after 40 seconds.

It is advisable to adjust the speed occasionally on long straights or to steer to the left and right. Usually you do this automatically.

The bends go too fast:

When the left or right button is pressed, one wheel stops and the other advances slightly faster. The longer this button is pressed, the faster the wheel will spin. Then it overturns the trolley too much.

This can also happen if you press the button 2 or 3 times in quick succession.

It is advisable to give the button a quick click, wait a moment and then click again. Practice makes perfect and the same goes for this.

No more contact with trolley after 10 meters:

There are 2 batteries in the remote control. Over time, the batteries become weaker and so does the signal to the trolley. This means that contact with each other can no longer bridge long distances. Now 10 meters is a great distance to let the trolley drive in front of you, keep it much shorter.