What to do if the trolley has driven into the water:

  • Immediately turn off the trolley, pull out the plugs, put the wheels in freewheel and continue pushing.
    Turn off the remote control and stop using it.
  • When you return home, remove the battery and let it dry thoroughly • Note: if your trolley has fallen into water or has suffered water damage due to heavy rainfall, your battery will no longer charge. Charge at your own risk and don't leave while charging!! Warning: Risk of ignition or fire when recharging!! • Warning: Make sure that the pins of the battery connector do not touch any metal objects. This can cause electric shock and possible injury.
  • There is probably water in the thick tube. There is also the heart of the trolley. That water has to get out quickly, because when it dries, condensation forms and then the droplets are so small that it settles in the heart and destroys the printed circuit boards. This can only be done by pulling the motor out on one side. At the bottom of the thick tube are 2 screws on the left and right. Unscrew 2 screws on the left or right with a torx screwdriver. Then pull the motor out. That is probably very stiff and is easier by putting the wheel on and pulling the wheel. Don't pull the engine all the way out with a jerk, but it's easier when it's almost out. Proceed carefully and then first disconnect the electrical wires. Then let the water run out, do not put the motor back in, but first let it dry well for a few days. Put the motor back, tighten the screws properly and try the trolley again (you must then use your battery that has been submerged in water, risk of permanent damage, ignition, fire and/or electric shock.
  • Best is to send trolley to us. We will then replace the parts that are needed and ensure that your trolley is in order again. The costs will be communicated to you in advance. It is also best to buy a new battery right away.