Problems with the big wheels:

Wheel slides off the axle.

On the side of the hubcaps there is a push button that springs back. You use this button to slide the wheel onto the axle. If the wheel slides off while driving, the push button does not function properly. You feel that quickly enough, because it does not bounce back.

Solution: Remove the wheel, loosen the 4 screws with a Torx screwdriver (can be a bit stiff). Then you will see a small screw on the inside of the cap with the 4 holes. That screw holds the push button in place and is probably vibrated loose. Press the push button and tighten the screw. Until it is almost stuck and the push button does not spring back. Then turn back one turn and see if the button springs back. Just press it a few times and let it come back. If that goes smoothly, everything can be put back together and the wheel will no longer slide.

Seems like there is a big blow in the wheel.

On the inside of the wheel, in the middle, are 4 screw heads. These heads fall into the element that is connected to the motor. Probably a screw has come loose and is sticking out a little. This ensures that there is a blow in the wheel.